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Students can get the help they need to conquer college admissions with the help of StatFuse. Find out your chances of getting accepted, how you can improve your application and get a complete report showcasing your strengths and weaknesses. Have a question about how our product works? Take a look below.

Who should sign up for StatFuse?

Our tools cater to a wide variety of students. We ideally recommend high school students and community college students to sign up for our product. We offer comprehensive packages for both groups that will help you get into your dream college.

Where does StatFuse get its data from and how does it determine my chances of getting accepted?

We have a patent-pending algorithm that aggregates data from over 1,200+ universities across the nation. We take university admissions data directly from the colleges and process that through our systems to provide students with their own odds of admission.

How accurate is StatFuse?

With a community of over 75,000+ students, we have run numerous pilots and tests since launching the company. With the use of our product, we have accurately predicted the odds of admission at staggering 99.7% rate.

I already have a great college counselor/consultant, why should I use StatFuse?

While you can always get into a great school without the help of a consultant or counselor, we know extra insights can give you the competitive advantage you need when applying to schools. Our goal isn't necessarily to replace your counselor or consultant. Instead, we know that a lot of statistics and quantitative data goes into college admissions. Our tool gives this data in an easy-to-understand manner.

What about college essays?

When applying to college, essays play a significant factor in whether or not you get admitted to a specific university. With that in mind, our tool cannot take your essays into consideration. We simply take the quantitative metrics such as your background, academics and extracurricular activities into account.

You take a lot of personal information on your website. How can I be sure that my data is safe?

We are extremely serious about protecting the personal information of our users. We will never share any of your information unless you give us your express permission to do so. We have this clearly stated on our terms of service and privacy policy to protect the identities of our users.

Does StatFuse work for international students?

Currently, we do not have a fully comprehensive tool for international students. However, we are in the process of making something happen very soon.

What if I purchase your product and do not like it?

If you do not get accepted into one of your top five choices, StatFuse will provide you a full refund. In order to prove the authenticity of the refund claim, you will be asked to provide a copy of your SAT, SAT Subject Test and/or ACT score reports along with a copy of your transcripts and admissions outcome letters from the college(s). If you want to ask for a refund, please visit our Support page and contact us about it with the following information. All refunds must be filed within 6 months of receiving admission letters for it to be eligible.

Note: If you couldn't find an answer to any of the questions listed above, please email our support team at: We will response to any emails we receive within 24 hours.

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